Size Chart


Bangles are sized by their diameter, which is a measure of the length of a straight line passing through the centre of the bangle. The unit of measurement is inches. 

Bangles are generally available in five sizes, ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large.


Steps to measure your bangle size: 

1. Take your existing bangle that fits your hands correctly & sits on your wrist comfortably. 

2. Measure the inside diameter of the bangle as pictured below. 

3. Find the size nearest the bangle measurements given in the size chart.

Bangle Diameter

The table below will help you to know the right size for your bangle :

 Bangle Size Chart



Use our Chain Length Guide to help visualize where your pendant and chain will hang. These guidelines may help you with your selection

1. Shorter lengths are great for petite individuals

2. Longer lengths create a much more dramatic look when worn outside the dress.

3. The most popular lengths are 20" - 22" - 24"


Chain Length Guide

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